I Hold My Heart

by Angela Bove

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Nick Lesson
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Nick Lesson Gorgeous voice and some really catchy writing.
10/10 would recommend. Favorite track: Altered States of Consciousness.
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angela bove: vocals, guitar
rich lasalvia: drums, percussion, toy piano
brendan kelly: bass


released February 6, 2017

words and music by angela bove
produced/engineered by rich lasalvia
recorded at earwaker studio, new paltz, ny
assisted by bob lukomski
mixed at the art farm, accord, ny
assisted by david anderson
mastered by philip a. jimenez at milkhouse studio, huntington, ny

thanks to bob lukomski (earwaker), david anderson and sean boyd (art farm), phil jimenez (milkhouse), brendan, rich, and jay for all their help.



all rights reserved


Angela Bove Schenectady, New York

human based out of the new paltz & albany, ny areas.

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Track Name: Altered States of Consciousness
i fell asleep while you were talking
i had a dream that i was somewhere far away
feeling the tide roll underneath my feet

built up the nerve to let it sink in
i let the sand fill every inch of my head
i'll be everything i need

life on the fly, everything will turn out fine
wash away
and i've half a mind to let the ocean rob me blind
i can't say

i fell asleep in half an hour
i had a dream that i was stuck in your bed
your breathing sounded like a lullaby

don't wanna take no extra phone calls
just gonna live in those seconds again
a neverending loop of time

no, don't you go, i can't do this on my own
say you'll stay
and out on the road, is my voice what you call home?
hear me pray

i fell asleep just to take a break
tried to make my brain go blank
i think i'll hide here for a few more weeks

it's dark but i don't turn the lights on
i like it better cuz it makes me feel small
curled up so no one can find me
curled up so maybe i can find some peace
curled up so no one can find me at all
Track Name: Boxing Day Eve
feels like it was over before it even began
i watch you take the paper and throw it into the trash can
and now the lights are dim and all is said and done
and we can go back to ignoring everyone

and i don't know why i get out of bed anymore

a special time of love and cheer in snowy glow
they said the last full moon on this day was 40 years ago
all these things that we should have to celebrate
why do they seem to leave me with a bitter taste

and i don't know why i can't open my eyes anymore

i drove in just to see my childhood fall apart
the red barn on the corner, a skeleton in the dark
i hear you count down the days until the house can sell
and wipe away all of the memories that it held

but truth be told i don't know where home is anymore
came in to say hello, well turn around and close the door
Track Name: Non-Motivator
your hand looks nice
i want to lace your fingers in mine
i won't think twice
until our bodies are intertwined

a bird in flight
a dragonfly above the ground
no end in sight
don't wanna stop til i slow down

i've come to find
a sense of peace, that i belong
still i won't try
to fool myself into feeling strong
Track Name: How To Begin (demo version)
for once
i'm doing this for myself
for once
i'll stick to my guns and give em hell
for once
everybody knows how far i fell
and for once
it's just as well

i can't even say your name
i shatter under all the pain
i worry everybody knows the game
that sometimes
i'm the one to blame

we all find the words to be misleading
cuz no one ever wants to be denied
i cut off all the blinds on my old windows
i don't need a place where i can hide

for once
i'm taking that head start
for once
i'll dive right in and fall apart
for once
everybody knows to leave me to restart
and for once
i hold my heart

i'm facing all the failures i let follow
i just want the world to let me in
when waking feels like something i can swallow
it's time to see if i can take the sting
teach me how to begin.